Gestation Chart

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Mare Regimen Calculator
To calculate for Mare Care regimen

Just enter last breeding date:

This will give you the dates to schedule
ultrasound/palpations, worming, and vaccinations !

Currently, the earliest that an Ultrasound/Palpation
can detect a pregnancy is at 14 days/2 weeks:
(but checking at 17 days is better in case you have to re-breed)
The second Ultrasound/Palpation is now scheduled
for detection of the heartbeat at 28 days/4 weeks:
(but the beats can be detected anytime after day 24)
Give a TT/Flu/SS innoculation and coordinate the timing
of 8 week purge worming schedule (if out of alignment)
now at 3 months/84 days/12 weeks:
1st Rhinopneumonitis and purge worm
at 5 months/140 days/20 weeks:
2nd Rhinopneumonitis and purge worm
at 7 months/196 days/28 weeks:
3rd Rhinopneumonitis and purge worm
at 9 months/252 days/36 weeks:
Give TT/Flu/SS innoculation to booster antibodies in the mare's colostrum.
Do last purge worm and now start giving a daily wormer; (this will
decrease scalding of the newborn foal) at 10 months/308 days/44 weeks :
Start watching for the bag to be waxing up;
based on 336 days/48 weeks:
(should deliver in 4 or 5 days)

Foal Calculator
To calculate an approximate "due date"

Enter last breeding date in format shown:

Next, enter duration of gestation in days:
(My mare took 340 days)

Mare's estimated foaling date:


To calculate number of days "mare in foal"

Enter last date mare was bred in format shown:

Next, enter today's date in format shown:

Estimate of days mare has been in foal:

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